Report: Digital Advertising Trends 2023

This report explores what opportunities and challenges B2C companies are facing in their digital advertising processes:

  • The key digital marketing channels companies are targeting in 2023
  • How companies are using capabilities like automation, campaign optimization, and ad creation
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We surveyed 100 director-level or above respondents from across the U.S. and Canada to learn what are the key marketing trends for 2023

YouTube and Instagram Emerge as Most Popular Advertising Platforms

Consumer-facing companies like CPG brands, retailers, and gaming companies spend a significant amount of their marketing dollars on digital advertising (i.e. social with the majority allocation). See the split between channels, channel ROAS and more in our Digital Advertising Trends 2023 -ebook!

Digital Advertising is Becoming More Streamlined and Automated

Achieving alignment, streamlining collaboration, and removing manual processes are the most important steps to improving collaboration, optimizing campaigns, and most importantly, automation. After reading the report you’ll learn how companies are automating and streamlining their advertising in 2023.

B2C Companies Will Use Technology to Overcome Advertising Challenges in 2023

Moving into 2023, consumer-facing companies must take steps to reduce inefficiencies in their advertising and creative development processes if they hope to stay competitive. Learn which problems companies are solving with technology.

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